The Latest Drought Index Is In -- Just How Dry It Is.

      Rain, Rain, Come{}Our Way -- That's the new rain song I'm singing.{} It's been exceptionally dry across the region and there's no significant rain in sight.{} Here are the latest numbers for 2012:

      2012 Rainfall Deficit{}In D.C.{}

      The drought continues to expand across the region.{} Near the end of March most of the area was already abnormally dry.{} The latest update from the U.S. Drought Monitor{}now has the entire viewing area under abnormally dry conditions, with parts of the Eastern Shore of Maryland under a severe drought.{} The moderate drought area has also inched West across the Chesapeake Bay for Eastern parts of Anne Arundel, Calvert, and St. Marys counties.{}

      U.S. Drought Monitor Index

      {}We're not the only one's dealing with the dry conditions.{} Take a look at how much of the country is under a drought or severe drought.{} The deep red color indicates areas that are under an extreme{}or exceptional drought.

      Notice much of{}Western Texas and Eastern{}New Mexico, as well as parts of the Southeast are under these extremely dry conditions.{} The latest forecast doesn't indicated any widespread rain in the D.C. area in the near future.{} Our next chance for rain, in D.C., could be next Tuesday and Wednesday; however, rain chances, as of now, look to be slim with an approaching front.{}

      We'll keep you posted.{} Until then, keep on singing with me - "Rain, Rain, Come Our Way".{}