January Thaw: How Long The Mild Stretch Will Last

What a beautiful and quiet start to the New Year in terms of weather in Washington!{ } Temperatures have been fairly seasonal to start the month of January, but those temperatures are only going to start to climb.{ } You've heard of the "January Thaw", but it's not like we've had any bitterly cold air over us in D.C., for a prolonged period of time, this winter.{ } Milder January temperatures have arrived, though, and they are here to stay.... but for just how long?

Today, Reagan National made it to 53°, as did most of the area.{ } That's a good 10° above average for this date in January. Take a look at how much warmer it was across the Mid Atlantic compared to average daily highs.


After a dip in the jet stream late in December, the jet stream is now retreating back into Northern Canada and temperatures are slowly rising from South to North.{ } Milder temperatures will move into the region over the next few days, with the warmest period expected just in time for the weekend.{ } These are the forecast highs for Sunday over the metro area.

National Weather Service Sterling, VA

So with highs reaching the 60s this weekend, are there any 70s in our near future?{ } The thermometer climb stops there.{ } The mild temperatures will continue through the middle of next week and then another dip in the jet stream will deliver another shot at cooler, but closer to average temperatures to our region.{ } Here's a visual of temperatures across the U.S. Friday of next week (Jan. 18th).{ } Notice the light and dark blues dropping into the Great Lakes, Mid Atlantic, and Northeast.{ } Yes, the blue means cooler temperatures.{ } Over D.C., highs Friday afternoon will be back into the 40s.


So if you're itching for late March temperatures, which average the upper 50s to low 60s, enjoy the weekend and early next week.{ } For those of you ready for more winter in D.C. temperatures, that is also in the near future.{ } Snow lovers?{ } I can't say I see anything promising, as of right now, but there's still plenty of time.{ }