The Comet: Chance to see again and where to look

      Here are some great local pictures just after sunset yesterday of the comet panSTARRS.{}{}

      From WTOP's Dave Dilldine and from a viewer in Warrenton.

      The clouds are clearing so another chance to try and see it again, or for the first time this evening{} 7:30-7:45.{} Here is where to look.{} {}

      And another chance Thursday evening.

      Thanks to Fred Espenak for the great diagrams.{} Fred also created this wonderful timelapse of the comet just after sunset a few days ago in Arizona.

      Comet PanSTARRS - The Movie from Fred Espenak on Vimeo.

      Fred still calculates all the times of eclipses and is a retired NASA Goddard scientist.{} Visit his Mr. Eclipse page for more great astronomical information.{} And try and "catch a comet" before clouds and some wet weather this weekend.