Take Me Out To The Ball Game: Washington Nationals Style

      So it's the big day in Washington for baseball fans and the weather is going to be quite pleasant.{} I can picture it now... stadium full of people, excited fans, and, hopefully, a good game!{}

      The Nationals kick started the season last Tuesday in Chicago with a win against the Cubs (2-1).{} Now it's time to play some ball right here in Washington.{} The game starts at 1:05 PM against the Cincinnati Reds.{} By the first pitch, temperatures will only be around 58, but if you're in the sun, it will feel a good bit warmer.{} It's also still going to be on the breezy side during the game with North winds between 10 and 15 mph, with higher gusts.{} I'd probably bring along a light jacket.

      So, does the weather have any effect on the outcome of the game?{} Well that's difficult to quantify, but why not take a look at past Nationals home openers and see the comparison between the weather and the final score.

      The Nationals first game as a DC franchise was on April 14, 2005.{} They pulled off a win against the Diamondbacks (5-3).{} That day the high reached 66 degress with no rain.{} Take a look at the chart below that includes the date of the Nationals Home Opener, if the game was a win or a loss for the Nationals, and the high temperature and precipitation.{}

      Now this data is certainly not going to help in determining any correlation between the weather and a win or a loss.{} It is interesting to look at, especially with such a variation of temperatures.{} Last year (2011) was a chilly day with a high of only 42!{} On the contrary, the home opener in 2007 was a very warm day with a high of 82 and a little rain.{}

      Nationals{}Home Opener Dates & Weather{}

      Now weather does have a relationship to baseball, especially concerning how far a baseball will travel when it's hit.{} Read more here to understand how air pressure, wind, temperature, and humidity all play a role in the distance a baseball can travel.{} A little side note -- I have always been interested in this relationship after taking a meteorology course, in college, with Dr. Brent Skeeter (professor at Salisbury University).{} Let's just say he's a *bit of a Baltimore Orioles fan.

      At any rate the weather for the game tomorrow should be relatively nice with plenty of sunshine, highs near 60, with a good breeze.{} And lastly, did you know?{} There's a connection to the Nationals and the StormWatch 7 weather team.{} Our very own Devon Lucie played{}high school baseball with Washington Nationals' right fielder, Jason Werth.{} How cool!{}{}{}Let's Go Nats!