Sunshine back in D.C. for Friday, winter visits on Saturday

Tonight: Clearing and Chilly by Dawn Frosty North

Lows: 35-41 | Wind: Light

Friday: Sunny Early Increasing Clouds PM

Highs: 47-53 | Wind: N-NE 5-10

Saturday: Cold Rain mixing with wet snow west and north Cold!

Temperatures: 37-42 | Precipitation: 80% Chance

Skies now are clearing a bit so there my be some scattered frost by Friday morning but hey it's almost November. Drier air will bring back some sunshine for Friday but there continue to be signs of a significant storm developing to our south Friday night. I think this storm still{ }has the making of a big snow producer late Saturday into Sunday from eastern Pennsylvania into New England. The storm will be rapidly developing Saturday and we will be on the edge of cold rain but a 50/50 chance of wet snow across the high spots of northern Maryland and even as nearby as northern Montgomery County and western Loudoun County. Keep you posted but there is even now a 50/50 chance of seeing wet snowflakes mixed with cold rain in D.C. But still do not see a "snowstorm" here.