Sunrise Special -- September Style!

Looking at the early morning satellite, I had a feeling we'd be in for a colorful sunrise.{} A disturbance off to the south had ushered in some mid and high level clouds.{} It was a perfect recipe for a brilliant sunrise.{}

Steve Chenevey - Washington, D.C.

To see all the colors of the rainbow, watch the video time lapse below.{} Notice how quickly the colors change, as the sun angle gets higher.

The reason we enjoy such colorful sunrises is because{}the sunlight scatters through the lowest layer of the atmosphere.{}

During sunrise and sunset, sunlight has{}to take a longer path through the atmosphere due to the low sun angle. {}During this process, molecules scatter the blue and violet light away from our eyes revealing many other colors of the rainbow.{}

When mid and high clouds are added to the mix, the sunlight is scattered and reflected more, which aids in the deep red and orange hues visible during these times.{}

Since the sun angle is much lower in the fall and winter, sunrises and sunsets are even more brilliant.{} This morning was a perfect example of everything coming together.{} Check out these incredible images taken by our StormWatch7 Facebook and Twitter friends.{} Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Kelly Spore - Frederick, MD Michelle Barnhill - Deale, MD Donna Davis - Culpepr, VA


Brianne Carter - Washington, D.C. Alex Liggitt - Fairfax, VA Rachel Salerno - Washington, D.C. Paul Bianco - Annapolis, MD