Summer's start brings high temperatures

Temperatures will skyrocket into the mid and upper 90s for the next two days, prompting a heat advisory for the area.

With dew points around 70, ABC7's Bob Ryan says, heat index values will rise to near 100 degrees, making it dangerous to go outdoors for a prolonged period of time, especially if you are doing strenuous activity.

Wednesday marks the official start of summer.

D.C. officials went out a day ahead of the heat to check on those most susceptible to the sweltering temperatures.

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Director Chris T. Geldart explained, "Those that have respiratory ailments, not a good day for them. We're also understanding it could be a bad day for air quality as well, so just checking in on folks like that, especially the elderly population."

Geldart said every D.C. pool, rec center and government building will be open for those looking for a sanctuary from the sun.

Bobby Huggins said finding a place to cool down isn't an option for him. The 57-year-old pedicab driver has his own heat plan in place after spending five summers coping with the hot weather.

"It's unhealthy, but you toughen up, you get used to it...I'm gonna get some Gatorade and prefreeze it," Huggins said.

Dr. Jonathan Wenk with Shady Grove Adventist Hospital others will have a cool down plan in place like Huggins, but he predicts some people will fall prey to the first dog day of summer.{ }

"The first bad heat of the summer often catches people off guard. A lot of people think they are invincible. They can go out and exercise in 100 degree heat, they think they are tough and they can withstand the heat," Wenk said.