Storm blows part of roof off apartment building in College Park

Photo courtesy of K. Hamm

(WJLA) - During the storm that moved across the area Thursday afternoon, strong winds blew a part of the roof off an apartment building in College Park – and it landed on power lines and on sidewalks.

“At first we thought the whole side of the building was coming off – kind of like a cartoon thing where it pulls off the side,” said James Kiefer, who lives on the sixth floor of this seven-story building.

Firefighters say it ended up being the decorative part of the roof that came off, and that the actual roof underneath it appeared to be fine. Fortunately, nobody was on the road at the time or on the sidewalk when it came down.

Not far from that incident, a maintenance worker at Holy Redeemer was trying to clean up the mess the storm left behind. And across town in Northwest D.C., a tree came crashing down on top of this home off Arizona Avenue NW – right on top of Mira Hart’s parents’ bedroom.

Luckily, no one was in there when it happened.