Spotty rain, continued warm...snow possible tomorrow night

Today: Spotty Rain, Mild

Highs: 61°-66° | Wind: S 5-10

Overnight: Mostly Cloudy, Few Showers

Lows: 60° | Wind: SW 3-6

Tomorrow: Widespread Showers, Cooling, Mixing/Changing to Snow into Evening from W to E

Highs: 50s, Falling | Wind: NW 6-12

Mild air remains entrenched across the region with spotty showers today and highs in the 60s. Overnight temperatures remain mild with tomorrow’s high being met at midnight. Cooler air will spill into the though the day Wednesday with more numerous throughout the day especially into the evening. As the colder air moves in the precipitation will change from rain to snow in the mountains and higher elevation through the afternoon with a quick hit of snow possible for the metro area as the storm wraps us.

So many variables including our recent mild stretch as well as the speed of the approaching system all come into play when determining snow chances. At this point accumulation on grassy areas is likely with some minor slushy accumulations as the system rapidly wraps up early Thursday morning. It doesn’t take much to upset the morning commute, so stay tuned.