So Today Marks How Many 60+ Degree Days This Winter??

      People driving around town with their windows open, dining outdoors, walking around with only a light jacket, or even no jacket at all, pretty much sums up the majority of our winter, to this point.{}

      Highs will be well above average, once again today, as we soar into the 60s.{} In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a few spots made it to 70.{} Would that break any records?{} Most likely not, with 78{}the current daily record for D.C.{} Even though we may not break a record, just over{}3/4 of winter (meteorological winter: December 1 through the last day in February), has been above average.{} Yep, that's right.{} 64 out of the 84 days of meteorological winter have been above average.{} Here's a look at how much warmer temperatures were yesterday compared to average.{}

      Departure From Average On Wednesday

      Temperature departures{}were about 15 warmer than average!{} Average highs in winter range from 44-52.{} Today and tomorrow, though,{}we'll reach the 60s!{} So how many times have we climbed to the 60 mark or higher?{} 16 days of the 84 days this winter have been 60 or warmer.{} Talk about a mild winter season!{} Now these numbers are from yesterday.{} I didn't include today and tomorrow, since nothing's official.{}

      The milder weather tends to get more people outdoors and also helps on the heating bill.{} It also can also bring a few "winter flowers".{} Take a look at the pollen count for late February.{} Seems hard to believe trees are high this time of year.{}

      Enjoy the mild temperatues while they're around.{} "Colder" air is moving in for the weekend -- and when I say colder, I mean, temperatures will be right around average.{} Go figure!{} Looks like we'll just have to wait and see if all of the above average temperatures will equal a "warmest winter on record".{} {}