So Close, But We Didn't Make It. The First 90 Degree Day Contest Rolls On.

For those of you participating in the First 90 Degree Day Temperature Contest, those of you who guessed April 16th, or earlier, didn't quite make it.{ } I'm sure, if you're anything like me, you were watching the DC observations very closely yesterday!{ } It was close, but didn't happen!{ } D.C. made it to 89°.{ } If the contest were for Quantico, Petersburg, Winchester,{ }or Cumberland, you could have won!{ } Here were the official highs.

Highs for April 16, 2012

So if we had actually made it to 90° yesterday, would it have been the earliest 90 degree day in Washington?{ } Not even close!{ } Here's a look at the first 90 degree day over the past five years.

Earliest 90 degree day over the past 5 years.

We would have been 10 days late -- 2 years ago, we hit 90° on April 6th.{ } The earliest 90° ever in D.C.?{ } March 22, 1907.{ } Keep in mind, the average high for that day is 57°.{ } That's 33° warmer than average!!!{ }

Just two years ago, in 2010, we had the most 90° days on record.{ } 67 days were 90° or higher!{ } The years with the fewest 90° days were back in 1886 and 1905 when we only had 7 days at 90° or higher.

So the contest rolls on.{ } Stay tuned.