Snow misses D.C. area, icy conditions possible overnight, Friday morning

Despite the snow predictions from the National Weather Service, the D.C. area appears to be clear of any serious problems Thursday evening, but to the south it could be a different story. And some commuters might have icy conditions Friday morning.

In his blog ABC7’s Doug Hill says, “Faulty guidance and poor forecasting methods led to much of the hype surrounding the snow ‘storm that would ‘hit’ Washington. We passed along the WINTER STORM WATCH. We did not issue it.”

Doug says the area could make patchy ice a problem Thursday night and into the Friday morning rush.

Read the latest updates from Doug Hill and Bob Ryan here.

ABC7’s Jeff Goldberg has been in Fredericksburg talking with residents, many of whom are disappointed the snow didn’t hit. And he talks with VDOT crews who are still ready to go with snow equipment to clear the roads if needed.

In D.C., 200 Department of Public Works trucks were loaded up with salt and deployed early this morning. By mid day they sat at the ready for what had been predicted to be a late afternoon storm.

“We've gotten much better about how to predict when the storm is coming, where it’s likely to hit, how much it’s likely to be and for those people who are at work we can have them leave in an orchestrated fashion,” Mayor Vincent Gray says.

And that's exactly what was taking place downtown as some workers chose to leave just after lunch.

Many remember the snowstorm that hit the D.C. area two years ago this month and trapped some drivers on roads for up to 12 hours. Their early departure today is a way to avoid re-living that commuter nightmare.