Snow in the D.C. area: What local power, transportation companies advise

With predictions of snow making its way to our area, local transportation and power companies are warning customers about staying alert and being prepared.


Trucks will be headed out to pre-treat interstates and major roads in the area, VDOT’s Jennifer McLord said. By Thursday afternoon, an estimated 650 trucks will be in northern Virginia, she said.

While VDOT is not looking at more serious measures like plowing now, McLord urged commuters to telework if they can, in order to stay off the roads. “The conditions are going to be not good this afternoon,” she said.

{ }AAA:

AAA is warning commuters to take caution when driving, with AAA’s Lorn Anderson saying “you need to assume that the roads are a little worse than they look.”

He urges drivers to slow down and leave a lot of space between cars and to turn your lights on, so other cars can see you. Anderson also pushed for people to clean your car thoroughly.

Things to have with you on days like today, Anderson says: Kitty litter works just like sand, in case you get stuck, a scraper, brush, small broom, and windshield washer fluid.


Myra Oppel with Pepco says they’re prepared for heavy, wet snow and high winds. Pepco is lining up crews and adjusting the timing of the crews with the forecast.

They have 150 internal linemen available for storm and 400 contractor crews available to respond. You can report outages at 877-PEPCO-62 or


Le-Ha Anderson of Dominion Power says crews are ready and trucks are fueled. Dominion crews are prepared to work additional hours and ready to travel to other locations if necessary.

They’re not expecting widespread power outages, but are ready for whatever this storm brings.

You can report outages and problems to or 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357).