Snow: How Do snowflakes form-any in sight

For area snow lovers there are only been a few flakes so far and still not a sign of our first big snow.{ } Sorry no sign either of a "White Christmas" this year but we will be into some pretty cold weather before the week is over.{ } Here's a confession-myself along with most meteorologists love snow.{ } There's nothing like going our after a nice dry snow of a few inches and seeing the diamond sintillations in the light of perfect snow flakes and hearing that "crunch" of the cracking snowflake crystals as you walk along.{ } Even wondered how snowflakes form?{ } Here is a great video from the American Chemical Society explaining how these beautiful creations of nature form.{ }Is it really true no two are the same?{ } Well watch this short video and make sure to enjoy our first snow.{ } It will come : {>})

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