Snow Day means a work day for some

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, Md. (WJLA) - We’re used to most businesses shutting down when bad weather hits, but some workers had to deal with the snow because it was business as usual.

The corner of Western and Wisconsin avenues, uniting D.C. and Montgomery County, is usually a busy hub with people rushing to get to the Metro, businesses, stores and restaurants. But Wednesday morning, it was a virtual ghost town.

One of the hardest things for people who do have to go out and get to work is the fact that there’s no place to get a cup of coffee.

Still, there were some employees reporting to work, including property manager Cobe Kuff.

“It’s miserable,” Kuff says. “I got here about 5:40 this morning.”

Crews from U.S. Lawn started clearing sidewalks at 2 a.m., but by 8 a.m there was a fresh coat to shovel again.

Trudging to Geico, Tracy Boone said everyone there was expected in Wednesday with plenty of insurance claims anticipated.

“I was expecting more sidewalks to be cleared, but I was probably expecting a little much this morning with as much snow as we got,” Boone says.

It was back-breaking to shovel the heavy snow for workers who couldn’t use blowers on pavers and brick.

Some stores struggled to open. Whole Foods managed to get in enough employees to open in the afternoon, but most businesses stayed closed, even some considered crucial on a day like today.

“I just walked past the Starbucks. It’s closed. It’s the first time in ever that I’ve seen that Starbucks closed,” says Philip Van Niekerk.

Further north at Bethesda Scooters and Boards, Kaare Wieneke says they’re open seven days a week, especially in the snow.

“We sell sleds and snowboards and fun stuff and we’re open every day to bring fun to Bethesda and the surrounding area,” she says.

It wasn’t fun for law professor Laura Dickinson, who had to get son Kulien to a doctor’s appointment, but it was heartening. Others who had to go to work today stopped to help when they got hopelessly stuck.

“This incredibly nice woman who was going to work at Sibley Hospital helped us and this other man came and helped us push our car out of trouble, so people are just being so kind and helpful in the midst of this,” she says.