Severe weather stories of survival

Photo by Jay Korff

Countless Mid-Atlantic residents witnessed a force they hope to never see again during Thursday’s storm.

“So I pretty much just saw this huge funnel cloud,” explained Mary Bruton. “It was dark and twisting in the air."

The near miss stories that unfolded at the Cloverly Village Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Maryland were remarkable.

C.J. Greenwood was having a hard time driving while the storm rolled through. Moments after parking he realized he had to use the restroom, so he ran into a nearby restaurant and when he returned his car had been crushed by a toppled tree.

"If I was sitting in my car for another two minutes I would not be here talking to you," said Greenwood, a D.C. resident.

Greenwood's sense of gratitude is shared by Rosalind Wilson. She parked near Greenwood's car during the storm and she says something told her to get out and head for cover.

“The tree hit his car and probably missed me probably by a few seconds," said Rosalind Wilson, Upper Marlboro resident.

In Virginia, from Arlington all the way south to Spotsylvania County, there was damage.

Jonathan Pino says he saw what looked like rotating winds slam into his place of work, Safford RVS in Thornburg where two vehicles were flipped.