Severe weather plans for Wolf Trap and Nats Stadium

Depending on the outdoor venue, it's likely you'll be warned of possibly dangerous weather. But where to seek shelter is a much different story.

At Nats Stadium, the team takes two different approaches to prepare for potentially dangerous weather. Before the game, Assistant G.M. Bryan Minniti gets a plan in place with both clubs and the umpires.

“Our groundskeeper starts early in the morning sending updates to everyone in the office,” explained Minniti. “Depending on timing and severity of weather, we'll be in touch all day.”

Once the game has started, the watch for dangerous weather falls on the shoulders of Vice President of Facilities, Frank Gambino.

“If we determine that there's severe weather approaching, what we'll do is alert scoreboard staff so they can immediately prepare a weather slate they put up on the scoreboard,” said Gambino.

If there’s a tornado bearing down on the stadium, Gambino says he’d send people to bathrooms, stairwells and tunnels.

At amphitheaters like Wolf Trap, the venue posts signs about the forecast that night and the possibility of dangerous weather. And with lots of covered seating, the show usually goes on rain or shine.

But during severe weather, ushers will go through the lawn area, notifying people so they can decide whether they want to take cover or not.

In the unlikely event of a tornado, Chief Ranger Duane Erwin says they’ve discussed bringing people into the areas of the Filene Center.

Experts say if you know there’s severe weather predicted during a time when you’ll be at an outdoor venue, it’s best to have a plan in place before the event.