Severe cuteness warning: Baby armadillo begs for water (VIDEO)

It seems like this is the year that Mother Nature will break all the records. Count them: record flooding of the Mississippi Valley, record wildfires in Arizona, record tornadoes for April, record high temperatures in Washington, D.C. And now Texas gets in on the action with the worst drought in its record books, which stretch back more than a century. (Guess what Al Gore has to say about all this.)

Conditions in Texas are so dry that the weather is doing the unthinkable: Causing the oil-and-gas industry to slow down somewhat. (Turns out you need lots of water to frack.) Nearly 65 percent of the Great Republic is smitten with "exceptional" drought, the most extreme form, and virtually 100 percent of the state is locked into "extreme," "severe" or "moderate" drought stages or is plain old "abnormally dry." Soil has turned to plaster, reservoirs are drying into skate-board parks, the price of beef is forecasted to skyrocket and baby armadillos... well, the baby armadillos are handling this by being disgustingly cute.

With no oases on the shimmering horizon, the little buggers – known to the Aztecs as "turtle rabbits"{ }– have taken to scavenging water from nontraditional sources. Check out the below video of a fledgling{ }Dasypodidae supping from mankind's stock of fluorinated finest. Says YouTube user bakdraft06: "We haven't had rain here in Texas in months... It is so hot & so dry down here that this baby armadillo bravely came straight over to us for a drink of water out of the hose!!"

But do you think that's the only baby-armadillo-thirstly-lapping-water video that the StormWatch7 blog has at its disposal? WRONG. Read on....

Here's another one, location unspecified, of a pubescent armadillo that just can not get its fill of precious, life-sustaining agua. The person who posted it says: "we caught this baby armadillo at our office... he was very dehydrated and drank a whole tub of water... its a 100deg [day] outside."

The 'dillo appears to be blowing bubbles. Man, these things are strange drinkers.