Bob and the Myth Busters

Still some showers coming our way, but so what?

This is a great weekend to go to the 2nd Science and Engineering Festival at the D.C. Convention center.{ } You've still got some time to get out and check out the festival on Sunday. Here is what you'll have to look forward to:

I was there at 1PM Saturday with the "Myth Busters" on the main area.{ }Here is a link with all the information.{ }

And make sure to bring your parents Sunday if you didn't get there today, the festival runs through Sunday.

Here I am at the main hall Saturday afternoon with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman the really inventive fellows who created and host Myth Busters.{ } We had about 1,000 young people (and parents) there today.{ } Lots of great questions for Adam and Jamie and lots of fun.{ } They ended with a video of some of their favorite explosions.{ }

It must be fun to have a show where you do get to blow things up.{ } But they sure made the point "Don't try this at home."{ } Here we are afterward when they're probably thinking, "He would look better with a duct tape hat"

I loved science and math when I was in school and to see how a nerdy kid grows up to be a meteorologist on TV, here I am next to my 9th grade science fair projects.

My project was future rockets. . .and this was before the launch of the first earth satellite "Sputnik".{ } Science is fun.{ } Some others you might see are Bill Nye The Science guy here with Adam:

and the storm chasers with this Doppler on Wheels.{ }

No tornadoes allowed this weekend.{ } Have fun and see you there!