Sandy: Top U.S. Disaster in 2012?

Today the U.S. House voted today to provide relief funding for the many areas and thousands devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Sandy killed an estimated 125 people and the economic toll from this storm continues to grow with estimates of the total losses now near $50 Billion.{ }In a recent poll we conducted on-line,{ }Sandy was picked as the top weather related disaster of 2012.{ }{ }

This dramatic before and after imagry along the New Jesery coast captures the power and damage of Sandy.{ } But the economic impact of the continuing Midwest drought may now be approaching $100 Billion.{ }Here is the latest "drought monitor" and the very dry conditions extend into the Washington area but nothing like what continues in the Midwest.{ }

The Impacts of this continuing drought will likely{ }be with us for some time.{ } Traffic on the Mississippi continues to be very difficult.{ } Look at the current Mississippi River stage at Memphis.{ }

.{ } Sandy sure is one of the worst natural disasters in U.S., but in long term impacts, "The Great Midwest Drought", if the pattern doesn't change and much needed snow and rain fall over a wide area of the country, may be economically more costly than Sandy.

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