Sandy leaves travelers stranded in D.C.

It’s almost Halloween and it’s eerily quiet at Reagan National Airport with its empty tarmacs and canceled flights. Marc and Terri Nathanson were able to book a flight back to Boston, but not till Wednesday.

“We were thinking about driving back, but a friend of mine in Connecticut said all the ramps are closed up there so it would be a difficult drive,” says Marc of Littleton, Ma.

Nathanson and others were stranded after Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon, a race against time today for work crews.

Many of the runners extended their stays at local hotels. Cristen Skoglund won’t get back to California now till Thursday.

“This is crazy. We don’t have hurricanes in California. We have earthquakes so we’re not prepared for this,” she says.

At Union Station, Hurricane Sandy shuttered shops and shut down all train service, including Amtrak, MARC and VRE. Buses were also canceled, leaving people stranded. MARC and VRE have both canceled service for Tuesday. Amtrak has suspended service from Washington to Boston.

Mike Cascio, who is trying to get back to Wilmington, said he met a man desperate to get a cab.

“He had to get to New York and the cab driver charged him $500 and he went and got some money and they took off,” he says.

With mass transit at a standstill you might think the cab drivers were doing well, but not necessarily.

Those traveling by car faced their own dangers. An accident snarled early afternoon traffic on the 14th Street Bridge.

Some life was found back at National Airport, but not because they were stranded.

“Alexandria schools are closed and we found the world’s largest indoor playground and we’re running, burning off steam,” says Leslie Creedon. “We came here to play!”