Sandy 2012: Coast Guard monitors Potomac River

The days following Hurricane Sandy have been busy for the Coast Guard. Crews have been keeping a close eye on the Potomac River after the monster-sized storm unleashed a host of problems.

Debris, trees and litter of every shape and size are clogging the waterway. Coast Guard officials say simply pulling out of the marina has been difficult.

ABC7’s Kendis Gibson spent Wednesday with the Coast Guard as they patrolled the Potomac from Alexandria to Haynes Point. During the trip, the river current was so strong that it pulled buoys underwater. That’s a sight the Coast Guard says it hasn’t seen since the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

“When you're operating at night and the buoy’s lower than you're typically accustomed to seeing it, you need to know about that so you don't run into the buoy,” noted Nick Lajoie, Coast Guard Executive Officer.

The Potomac River is expected to rise even more over the next few days. The Coast Guard says it will continue to monitor the waterway.

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