Rough currents only sign of Hurricane Arthur at Ocean City

(WJLA) - Waves at Ocean City on Fourth of July Friday were at times eight feet high! It was too overwhelming for some, and ABC 7 was there as lifeguards rushed to help a teenager.

We were told he had lost his footing and quickly got tired of swimming.

"We're asking folks to stay waist deep and knee deep in the water," advised First Lt. Skip Lee with Ocean City Beach Patrol.

Rough surf and rip currents were really the only signs of the area’s brush with passing Hurricane Arthur.

"We've got guards up and down the beach -- 92 of them today and 92 of them tomorrow to make sure that the public is safe and they know and understand what to do if they go into the water

Beach patrol is advising swimmers to swim only when lifeguards are on duty. Paul Bouder drove five hours from Pennsylvania, and says he had been keeping a close eye on the weather. But in the end, Arthur was not a concern.

"We didn't see it was going to be that bad that it was going to stop us," said Bouder.

But the city had to get ready -- just in case.

There were no July 4th festivities scheduled Friday, as they were postponed because this morning's storms would not have given planners enough time to set up.

"Rather than have everybody disappointed we went ahead and made the call early so everybody could adjust their plans," said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan.

But there is always tomorrow. And until then, some time on the beach.