Rocket Launch from Wallops on Saturday

First it was engine trouble and then thunderstorms delaying the launch of an unmanned commercial rocket that will resupply the International Space Station.{ } As of today, all signs point to a "go" for the Cygnus Rocket launch at 1:14p.m. on Saturday at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket was rolled out onto the pad this morning at Wallops as shown here in a tweet by NASA.

Antares Rocket on the Launch Pad at Wallops Flight Facility

{ }The rocket will be carrying 3,300 pounds of supplies for the ISS, including food, science experiments to expand the research capability of the space station's Expedition 40 crew members, and tools.{ } Many student experiments will be on board as well.{ } This is the second of eight scheduled rocket launches for Orbital Sciences, a private company based in Virginia that has a contract with NASA for the resupply{ } missions.

Orbital Sciences

{ }Although the launch will take place in the daylight hours, the burn off from the rocket may still be bright enough to see, even here in Washington, D.C.{ } Weather looks cooperative with partly cloudy skies forecast. You need to look at about 5 degrees above the{ } horizon in the southeastern sky about a minute or two after the launch.{ } Here is a map where it would be visible.

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visibility of launch expected from Orbital Sciences

{ }You can also watch it live on NASA TV starting at 12:30p.m. ET.{ } If the launch happens on time, it will reach the International Space Station on Tuesday, July 15th.{ }

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