Road conditions in D.C. and Maryland

Photo by Bruce DePuyt

Snow, sleet and freezing rain are making for a tricky commute Monday morning.

In D.C., salt and sand trucks have been working since the early morning hours. Streets and sidewalks are still slick thanks to a thin layer of ice. Most schools and government workers are on a delayed schedule so that road conditions can improve before people head out later this morning.

In Maryland, ABC7’s Brianne Carter made her way to I-70 in New Market and found that most of the roads there were in good shape.

Salt and sand trucks have also been working hard there to keep the roads in good shape. Brianne says there are a few slick spots, but traffic appears to be moving along at a good pace.

At area shopping centers, salt sprayers were working overtime to keep the sidewalks safe.

Some residents say with the recent round snow and now ice, they're ready for winter to be over.

“It's kind of miserable you don't even want to go inside you don't want to scrape off your car you just want it to get back up to the 40's,” says one.

It's expected to be even warmer with a taste of spring the middle of the week.

If you have to drive this morning:
• Drive slowly and allow plenty of room between you and other cars.
• Use low gears to allow traction.
• Drive extra carefully on bridges and overpasses.
• Do not pass snow or salt trucks.

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