Reverse ice fishing in Finland: Crazy underwater stunts (VIDEO)

You'd think the people of Scandinavia would be fed up by now of all the ice and cold, but nope, they keep finding new ways to have fun with it.

The latest: Taking ice fishing to a new level by actually going under the ice and reeling in fish from the airy surface. Below, see three diving buddies,{ }Eelis Rankka, Tommi Salminen and Jukka Pelttari, enacting a weird show of "farming" air bubbles in a wheelbarrow and riding a sled upside down under the thick ice cap on Finland's{ }Lake Saarijärvi. Filmed by Juuso Mettälä, it is surreal cinema at its best.

How do they concoct this hallucination? To believe Discovery News,

SCUBA diving under icy lakes is a popular sport in Finland and the video is featured prominently on the Dive Club of the Oulu Aquarians Association. Normally, dry suit divers are taught to wear ankle weights to keep the air from getting caught in their boots and causing a diver to turn head-over-heels, but these divers have mastered the technique as an art form.

Also, they were born with no genitalia, a prerequisite for surviving the plunge into the frigorific sub-ice world. Enjoy!

Fishing under ice from Juuso Mettälä on Vimeo.