Record warm day: Does this mean a mild winter?

What a December day.{ } Records not only set here in Washington but across the country from Iowa to North Carolina.{ } Look at these afternoon temperatures.{ } Sure more at home in October than December.{ }{ }

{ } So now you might be wondering, does this record start to December mean a "mild" winter?{ } Remember that "winter" for weather and climate records are the months December, January and February.{ } Let's go to the records as they say.{ } I looked at the record high temperatures set in the first 10 days of December.{ } Today was a record 71°{ }

Remember December 1998?{ } We set 3 record highs in that first week of December so I only counted 1998 once.{ } So 8 years with record highs for the first 10 days of December.{ } Four times those record warm December days were followed by a "mild" winter.{ } The winter of 2001-2002 following the record high 75° on December 5 was 5 degrees above average!{ }

But there were also 4 winters, following record highs in early December than were colder than average!!{ } The record high of 74° on December 8, 1978 was followed by a winter almost 3° colder than average.{ }

So the answer, just looking at the record books is NO-record highs in the beginning of December DO NOT mean a mild winter will follow.{ } You'll just have to stay tuned and to most of us, it still looks like an average to even a bit colder than average colder winter.{ } Still many days ahead snow lovers.

{ }