Record highs and record lows on the same day, sort of...

It was cloudy, cool and a bit on the dreary side through the day Tuesday in the D.C. Metro, but a couple of interesting things happened you would probably never think about. August 6 marks the day at Reagan National Airport (and Washington D.C. for the matter) with the highest record high for the year set in 1930. It is tied with July 20, 1918 at 106°F. Interestingly enough, there hasn't been a 100°F day so far this year, while July of 2012 had 7 alone.

That wasn't the only thing that stood out for a weather nerd, as the high temperature for the day only hit 74°F. Why is that a big deal? It actually tied as the record low maximum for the day. The last time it was this cool on the date was in 2004. On another note, that is actually the warmest record low maximum for the month, as the majority of them are actually in the 60s.

It's interesting to see just how big the difference is between records with record highs in the 100°F+ range and record lows in the 50°F range. February 11th is the date with the largest difference between record high and record low for the date in D.C., with a record high of 76°F and a record low of -15°, a difference of 91°F!

The remainder of the week will feature warmer temperatures, approaching the 80 degree mark Wednesday and mid to upper 80s Thursday and Friday. This will get temperatures back near normal after this stretch of 12 of the past 13 days below normal.