Rain, Rain, And More Rain -- Gone Today, But How Much It Left Behind

      What a gray and gloomy day it was yesterday!{} Rainfall at National totaled{} 0.51", so no daily record for us.{} We missed that by about 1.21"{}(record{}was 1.72" set back in 1922).{}{}It certainly was a{}soaker, though, with rain falling{}much of the day.

      Here's{}a snapshot of the radar late last night.{} The radar was pretty colorful all day, but some of the heaviest bands moved through towards the end.



      The storm system responsible for our wet Wednesday was the same system that brought a lot of rain to parts of the Southeast.{} In fact, Houston, Texas recieved 4.06" of rain on Tuesday!{} Talk about a wet day in Texas!{} That was a new daily rainfall record for them.{} Houston shattered the previous daily record of 2.54" of rain set back in 1955.{}

      With rain on the brain, I figured I'd take a closer{}look at{}rain around the world.{}{}Looking to find a spot with a whole lot of wet weather?{} Well, head{} to{}Cherrapunji, India.{} Their average rainfall is 498 inches.{} To put that into perspective, that's about 458 inches more than we, in Washington, get a year (we get roughly 39.74 inches average annually).{}{}If you want to talk records in Washington, D.C., in 1889 we actually had 61.33".{} That's a good bit of rain for the D.C. area, but no where near the totals in India.

      Wondering where the highest one minute rainfall total comes from across the world?{} Believe it or not, it's actually in Maryland.{} Unionville, MD recieved a whopping 1.23" of rain in{}one minute!{} Another world{}rainfall record comes{}from the U.S.,{}in Holt, MO, where they recieved 12 inches of rain in one hour!{} And if you wanted to know where the highest rainfall record across the world is located, head back to Cherrapunji, India.{} An unbelievable 1,042 inches of rain fell in one year (from August 1860 -{}July 1861).{}{}{}

      So if yesterday's clouds and rain made you feel a little gray, maybe all this record rain talk will make you feel a little better.{} If nothing else, a bit of sunshine today hopefully will!