Rain for the World

I did a quick (well a few minutes) calculation of how much rain the big East Coast storm produced.{ } How much rain water fell on just the land in the east (yes and some was sure snow) and how much fresh drinking water would that be.{ } Ready, here we go.{ } Look at the measurement from the NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service of the rain pattern for only 24 hours through Monday morning.{ }{ }

{ }

To me looks it like 1.5" on average across the area from the Carolinas into New England.{ } That means that about 25 MILLION GALLONS of rain fell on every square mile of land.{ } I did a quick calulation that just the land area that got much needed rain in the east totaled about 300 THOUSAND square miles.{ } So if my math is correct that means that this one storm dumped 7.5 TRILLION (7,500,000,000,000) GALLONS of water on the east.{ } Look at the satellite picture I posted of this storm today and you can see the extent of the clouds and imagine how much water this one storm produced and much of it fell in the ocean.

{ }So how much is 7.5 trillion gallons?{ } Well (check my math again) it's enough to roughly give every man, woman and child on earth 8 big glasses of fresh water every day . . . for about 4 YEARS!!{ } Weather and nature pretty impressive don't you think.