Polish revelers let fly 8,000 floating lanterns (VIDEO)

On June 21, revelers celebrating the shortest night of the year gathered in Poznan, Poland, to release 8,000 floating lanterns into the night sky. The multitude of glowing bags looked like a colony of bioluminescent jellyfish or the collective headgear of a chef's convention blown into the summer wind; that is to say, it looked beautiful.

Nevertheless, proving that the Internet will find something wrong with anything, a vocal crowd of commenters has taken to decrying to festival of lights, which broke the previous Polish record for lantern-flying. Turns out there's a safety issue at play. Witness this pickled selection from the Daily Mail's piece on the event:

• One of these lanterns released at our London (UK) street party blew straight towards the open loft window of a neighbours house. Miraculously it bounced off the frame and did not go in . Horrible dangerous polluting things.
- LesJo, London, 26/6/2011 15:14

• 'twinkle, twinkle little chinese lanterns' be followed by 'roar, roar of really big fire'..!
- gregg, Leamington Spa, 26/6/2011 10:43

• They have been banned in my country because the lanterns blew into airplanes' flight paths.
- Cookie, Far, far away, 26/6/2011 09:21

• I totally agree we have had loads of fires in Suffolk because of these - ban them.
- Davidfountain, Steamers, 26/6/2011 09:44