More Spectacular Pictures, Like This One, In An Upcoming PHOTO GALLERY!

Brett Noble Photography

You may remember this picture (above) we featured, as a Daily Eye Wonder, back in March.{ } Like it?{ } Well, there's more where that came from!{ } Stay tuned to our Storm Watch 7 Weather page, as we will feature a photo gallery from the photographer who captured this amazing image.{ } Brett Noble, a graphic artist, photographer, and weather enthusiast, tells us a little about himself.{ }

My{ }name is Brett Daniel Noble, I was born in Lawrence, KS in 1973. I moved to Platte City, MO. in 1983 where I graduated high school in 1991.

Attended CMSU for a degree in graphic arts, which has been very rewarding. I really wished I would have gotten a degree in Meteorology, which is my ultimate passion. I do like to storm chase and always will.

I currently live in Rosedale, MD which is very close to downtown Baltimore. I am a freelance graphic artist and event photographer for MyWorks Photography. I specialize in weddings and events. Recently within the last 8 months, began photographing landscapes and nature. I find it more rewarding personally, maybe because it is new to me and I enjoy it more. Being a weather fanatic, it is really a lot of fun!

For my landscape photography I use a method known as HDR, better known as High Dynamic Range. I take anywhere from 3-30 images shot at different exposures to produce a more lifelike image. I use in camera bracketing that consists of 3 exposures generally shot at -2,0,+2 and repeat the process until I have enough exposures to merge into an interesting photograph. The more images the more animated the sky, water and colorful the landscape will look. I enjoy what I do and look forward to improving my landscape and nature photography. I do have my own style, but what photographer doesn't?

I also miss Kansas, mainly for the weather that occurs this time of year and of course family. I am pretty new to Baltimore so I am not sure what to expect. This has been quite the strange year for weather here, from what I understand. It can only get more interesting!

So, that is just a little about me and what I do. If you’re interested, you can friend me on Facebook. It’s always nice to meet new people in the area; I have also learned from the best photographers on Facebook, you know who you are.

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