Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Friday

After many cloudy days and nights, I was happy to see the moon and stars on my drive into work this morning. I also noticed the bright moon, which is just about full.

The moon is full Friday night and is called the Hunter Moon. The name was given because, in October, Native American's started hunting and gathering in preparation for the winter months.

Zeke Changuris

Not only is it a full moon Friday, but it's also a penumbral eclipse.{ } A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the sunlight is partially blocked, but only enough to cast a shadow on the moon.{ } The sun, the moon, and Earth are a bit out of perfect alignment than in a partial lunar eclipse.{ } Here's a good visual:

Clear skies will give way to perfect full moon and penumbral eclipse viewing.{ } The eclipse won't be anything spectacular to see, as it will only be a faint shadow, but it's still something worth looking for.{ } The penumbral eclipse will be most visible around 7:50 p.m. Eastern time.{ }