Overheated ducklings saved by PG County firefighter

Perfect for a guy whose last name sort of sounds like "ferret," Prince George’s County firefighter Ryan J. Ferriter has made a second noteworthy animal rescue in a week, further cementing his reputation as a modern-day Noah.

Last Tuesday, the quick-witted rookie, just weeks out of the training academy, rescued a confused snapping turtle from a probable pancaking on the hard streets of Clinton, Md. (Quipped the fire department’s spokesperson: “Now I'm off to call OPRAH and the TODAY SHOW!!!”) And now word arrives that Ferriter has saved an entire family of ducklings that were getting roasted alive in today's 90 degree-plus weather. From county's fire/EMS department:

At around 11:00 am, Tuesday, May 31, 2011, the crew was alerted to a call to assist an Animal Control Officer in the 8700 block of Woodyard Road.

Fire Captain Donald Poole described the scene, “It seems that large family of what appeared to be just hatched ducklings (9 in all) had fallen in to a large open drainage ditch and were unable to exit the ditch. Without the momma duck nor food and water, animal control officers were in fear the ducks would succumb to the extreme heat conditions.”

Fire Fighter Ryan Ferriter, the turtle rescuer, taking all safety precautions into account, was able to successfully pluck all 9 ducklings from the drainage ditch and turned them over to animal control, which has relocated them to a local animal rescue farm in the county. All ducklings appeared to be in relatively good condition.

Way to go, dude. This story ended way better than that other recent one involving a P.G. County firefighter, a dog and “puncture wounds and possible nerve damage.” And to all you haters out there saying that Ryan J. Ferriter keeps a menagerie of wild animals in his house, which he uses to plant in perilous locations to reap the glories of later saving them, get a life.

Here’s a photo of the happy firefighter doing what he does best, saving lives:

Courtesy of the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department