Oklahoma tornado leaves path of destruction

Powerful twisters are able to flatten an entire town in just minutes. Tornadoes are an incredibly destructive force of nature.

This tornado season has already seen two deadly EF-5 cyclones strike Oklahoma, tearing through neighborhoods and schools packed with children.
One of those was the widest tornado ever recorded at 2.6 miles across had winds reaching nearly 300 miles an hour.

By the time it was all over, and the two twisters were gone, dozens of men, women and children were dead. and thousands were homeless.

Jacob Neely was hiding in a closet with his mother when the storm tore their house to pieces.

"The last words I heard my mom say, was 'pray baby,' and that was it,” he says.

He found her later, buried under debris.

"After I couldn't revive her, I just yelled for help ,then, and started yelling that I loved her. It was the hardest moment of my life. It just seemed like a nightmare," he says.

President Obama flew to Oklahoma to see the mind-boggling damage for himself. and to reassure the shaken people there.

"We're going to be there as shelter from the storm. And when we say we've got your back, we promise you, we keep our word," he said.