Oklahoma tornado 2013: Death toll rises to 18

The death toll from Friday's tornadoes that struck near Oklahoma City has now risen to at least 18 people, ABC reports. Several people are still missing.

Rescue crews have spent the last few days hoping to find survivors, but those efforts are quickly turning into recovery missions. The body of an 8-year-old girl was found after she, along with six other family members, were swept away in the violent flood.

"At this point it's a recovery effort. With this happening Friday night, the likelihood and the chance of the survival at this point would be slim," explains a rescue crew member.

The medical examiner says that most of the non-survivors drowned while trying to seek shelter in storm drains.

There were five tornadoes in all that moved through the suburb of Reno, Oklahoma on Friday night. They wiped out homes and businesses, uprooting trees and dumping more than five inches of rain in some parts of town.

It was the second devastating tornado that struck Oklahoma. The first massive tornado struck on May 20 and left 24 people dead. It caused at least $2 billion in damages to Moore, Okla.