Obama Inauguration 2013 weather forecast

If you are heading to Barack Obama's second inauguration on Monday, you will definitely want to know how to dress for it. Just a short 4 years ago in 2009 for his first inauguration, temperatures hit a low of 19 degrees and only reached 30 degrees for a high, with a chilly 28 degrees at Noon. With many Americans waiting out on the Mall for hours prior to the start, a number of people came down with hypothermia and had to be sent to{ }first aid tents set up and even to local hospitals.{ }Temperatures aren't expected to be quite as harsh this time around, but they will still be cold.

Here is a look at our forecast timeline for the day.

Weather models are in agreement that a cold front will move through the area this Sunday. Temperatures will remain mild for the end of the weekend, but colder air will begin to push into the region for inauguration day.

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Low temperatures should be in the mid to upper 20s around sunrise under partly sunny skies. Rolling through the morning, temperatures should reach 30 degrees before 9am, the mid 30s closer to 11am before finally settling into the upper 30s the remainder of the day.

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Winds should be light out of the west around 4 to 8 mph with the occasional gust to possibly 15 mph. This would make chills feel like the teens in the early morning hours to 20s by the afternoon. The other thing you may notice on the graphic are those little snowflakes. A disturbance will track through the area in the afternoon hours which will increase clouds and bring the chance for a few flurries or snow showers. At this point we can't tell you exactly where these will fall, but check our Live Super Doppler Radar or have our weather app handy and you can track them through the afternoon.