NWS confirms a tornado hit Fredericksburg

The National Weather Service says it has confirmed one tornado hit the D.C. region Friday, and it is investigating whether a second one also hit.

The confirmed tornado hit Fredericksburg, Virginia, a little after 6:30 Friday night.

The NWS says it is still investigating whether a tornado also touched down in the Upper Marlboro area of Prince George's County that night.

Residents of several apartment complexes off Cowan Boulevard in Fredericksburg say the storm not only caused some damage, it terrified them.

"I went to the window, and just as I looked out, the trees just lifted and turned and fell, and it scared me half to death," said Monticello Square apartments resident Bobbie Dotson.

The tornado sent several large trees to the ground behind the apartments, and damaged two top floor apartments a neighbor says no one was living in.

The tornado also tore the roof off of a third floor apartment at the nearby Commons at Cowan Boulevard apartment complex.

"It was like a war zone," said Scott Ellia, who says his neighbor had to move out because of the damage. "I used to live in Oklahoma for a while, so we had dust storms and tornado warnings all the time. It's just you never think of it happening in Virginia of all places."

A resident of the Roblee neighborhood in Upper Marlboro says Friday night's storm snapped several trees and caused some damage in her community. The NWS says it is still determining whether a tornado hit the neighborhood or some other weather event.