Nuisance rain this week

      An unsettled weather pattern will cause almost daily rain chances this week, but it won't be everywhere and won't amount to much, so don't expect a washout.{} Since our region is not in any kind of drought, I consider it nuisance rain because it's not the kind to soak in and help the lawn, garden and{}reservoirs. Instead, it's the type of rain that's just enough to{}scare folks inside at times.{} It'll{}mainly just be sprinkles and not much more than that{}until Friday night into early Saturday.{}{}At that point, a cold front should{}cause a{}good soaking before plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures into the weekend.

      Here's Monday morning's 7 day forecast, and notice the numerous slight chances of rain.

      However, look at NOAA's Quantitative Precipitation Forecast{}(QPF) from the Weather Prediction Center{}through Thursday morning as it indicates only{}0.01" to 0.10" of rain possible in the D.C. metro area.{}


      QPF 12z Mon through 12z Thur

      A strong cold front should hit Friday night, and this should bring more substantial and{}soaking rain.{} Preliminarily, I'd say{}approximately 0.33" and 0.75" possible at that point.{} It also looks like this front will drop high temperatures into the mid 60s for the weekend with sunshine.

      No drought according to the U.S. Drought Monitor:

      Drought Monitor Drought Monitor