Now it's four straight days of fine weather in Washington D.C.

Day Two of D.C.'s Fair Weather Reckoning has arrived. The morning breaks in a puff of warm air and perhaps some fuzzy, light fog near the mountains. An uneasy silence reigns in Metro cars and store lines as people find themselves with weather complaints ripped from their mouths. Unoppressed by rain, pollen swarms drift into the nostrils of the allergic and clog them like wine corks. A cacophony of dog howls arising from runs and parks puts the chill on the city's catlife.

Today's weather is a virtual repeat of Monday's, with dry skies and a projected high of 74 degrees. That's about average for this time of year. Keeping the skies fair is a blob of Hudson Bay high pressure metastasizing southward, as well as a storm off New England that's funneling dry air down to D.C. Here is that storm on Monday night (and see it as a movie here):

Just look at all that empty space above the Mid-Atlantic. The most exciting news for today, meteorologically speaking, is the chance for a few showers in the southern suburbs toward the evening. A low-pressure zone northeast of D.C. has also pushed up the tide levels, creating the potential for minor coastal flooding in places just asking for it, like Old Town.

But that junior-league weather stuff is hardly going to mar this stretch of nice weather, which now looks like it could last until Thursday evening. That's the expected deadline for a storm to arrive in D.C. from the Midwest with two fistfuls of thunder and lightning.