Northern Lights on the Kennedy Center

Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights?{ } Well, if you live in D.C., there's a chance you'll get to see them over the next few weeks.{ } OK, it's not the real aurora borealis in the sky, but you can get a glimpse of the lights on the Kennedy Center!

WeatherBug camera

That's right.{ } The Kennedy Center will feature the "Nordic Cool" festival through March 17th.{ } Every night between 5:30pm and 11:00pm the four sides of the Kennedy Center will display the Northern Lights.

Denmark's most innovative lighting designer, Jesper Kongshaug, will bring the effects of the aurora borealis to Washington D.C. on the white marble walls of the Kennedy Center.{ } The "Nordic Cool" festival also showcases Northern European culture featuring music, theater and dance, as well as exhibitions, literature, film, and cuisine.

Here's a neat timelapse.

{ }