New NASA Named Spaceships & You May Be Surprised Who Got To Name Them

Have you ever wanted to name a NASA spaceship?{ } Well, middle school students at Emily Dickinson Elementary School{ }in Bozeman, Montana can knock that off their bucket-list.{ } Here's a snapshot of the smiling bunch.

Students from across the nation submitted possible names for twin NASA spaceships, formerly named GRAIL-A and GRAIL-B.{ } Over 900 classrooms and 11,000 students from 45 states participated in the name search!{ } So what are the new names?{ } "Ebb and Flow" are the winners!{ }

Jim Green, director of NASA's Planetary Science Division in Washington says, { }"These spacecraft represent not only great science, but great inspiration for our future.{ } As they study our lunar neighbor, Ebb and Flow will undergo nearly the same motion as the tides we feel here on Earth.”

GRAIL stands for Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory.{ } So what does GRAIL do?{ } Well, it's NASA's first planetary mission focused on education and public outreach.{ } The hope is to get the public{ }more involved through the "MoonKam".{ } This feature will allow students to capture pictures of the moon's surface.{ }

Image credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechUltimately, scientists are hoping this will engage the public, as well as help give better understanding to how{ }our solar system formed.{ }

Congratulations, Emily Dickinson students!{ }