NASA photographs of Earth

Meteorologist Joe Witte used to work at ABC 7 as our Weekend Meteorologist but decided to go back to school to get his doctorate and work for NASA Goddard for Earth Science Outreach. He often forwards along great information, websites and anything of interest that NASA has produced. This week, he sent us a website highlighting the number of photographs taken from the International Space Station (ISS).

This website (found here) features an ever growing list of pictures and associated captions to explain where it was taken and what it shows. For instance, the picture above is of the Great Lakes, showing Lake Erie, Ontario, Huron as well as the Finger Lakes with sunglint. Here is the corresponding webpage discussing what you are looking at.

Credit: NASA

Above is a picture of the Appalachian Mountains which also shows the Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River and D.C. Many pictures like this can be found not only of the United States but also across the world. You have to remember, the astronauts aboard the ISS are circling the globe once every 92 minutes, so they experience 15-16 sunrises and sunsets daily. I guess that makes plenty of sense since they are traveling around the Earth at 17,200 mph.

Big thanks to Joe Witte for forwarding along this great site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!