Asteroid Friday: NASA Live Stream found here

An asteroid half the size of a football field, around 150 feet wide, will pass the earth tomorrow early afternoon. This is record-setting as it is the largest object that NASA has ever seen pass this close by to earth. The asteroid, named 2012 DA14 will be closest to the earth around 2:25pm EST{ }tomorrow afternoon. When it passes by, it will be{ }closer than weather satellites and GPS satellites in orbit.{ }You can find NASA's live stream below which will be a half hour commentary from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA starting at 2pm EST.


Depiction of Asteroid 2012 DA14's path

Near real-time imagery of the flyby from astronomers in Australia and Europe will be made available at Noon EST tomorrow{ }and can be found below.


There will be a Ustream available starting at 9pm EST{ }tomorrow{ }which will run for 3 hours showing the feed from a telescope at the NASA Marshall{ }Space{ }Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.


To watch for other asteroids, be sure to check NASA's Asteroid Watch page and another good resource is the near-earth object program which is run{ }from the JPL.

I wanted to give a{ }big thank you to our colleague Joe Witte for forwarding along this information to us.