NASA celebrates 55th birthday

It's amazing the scientific and technological advancements on organization can accomplish in the span of 55 years.{ } NASA, the leader in space exploration, celebrates its 55th birthday today, July 29th.

Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29th, 1958, which led to the birth of NASA on October 1st, 1958.{ } Over a span of more than five decades, NASA has created a network of satellites, sent robots to Mars, and even put a man on the moon, among a number of other{ }accomplishments.{ }

NASA satellites NASA - Mars Curiosity Rover NASA

One woman who deserves special recongnition is Eilene Galloway.{ } Eilene was a pioneer in NASA's development.{ } She began working for the Congressional Research Service Library of Congress in 1941.{ }{ }According to NASA,{ }"In 1958, then-U.S. Senator Lyndon B. Johnson asked her to help with Congressional hearings that led to the creation of NASA and America's entry into the Space Race. "The only thing I knew about outer space at that time," she said, "was that the cow had jumped over the Moon."{ } NASA went on to say, "Galloway helped write the legislation, emphasizing international cooperation and peaceful exploration. She also proposed that NASA be an Administration rather than an Agency, enabling the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration to plan and coordinate across federal agencies the variety of activities involved in the development and uses of outer space."{ } Watch her full NASA TV interview shortly before her 100th birthday.

A very happy birthday to NASA and continued success in future missions that delve into this wonderful world we live in.{ }