Mystery hair investigation near Bethany Beach: Photos released

Just in time for a new Delmarva beach-weather forecast comes this development in the case off the Hair from the Deep.

Earlier, I had written about a fisherman who made the completely unmountable catch of a "palm-size quantity" of foul-smelling hair and fashion accessories while trolling the surf around Delaware's Fenwick Island, an easy beach-bike ride from Bethany Beach. Police have now released photos of those accessories, including hair bands and a shark-tooth necklace, in the hope that someone will know who they belong to.

There have been no updates on whether the hair is definitively human and, if so, what part of the body it comes from. Apparently forensic scientists can derive that latter bit of information by slicing the hair and examining the crosscut shape: scalp hair is more or less round, curved hair is oval and beard strands are triangular.

Another photo of the briny items follows the jump. Anybody who thinks they know whose hair this is should call Delaware police at{ } 302-856-5850, ext. 230, or contact Crime Stoppers at 800-TIP-3333 or