Mushroom cloud rises over Haarlem, Netherlands (PHOTOS)

Add this one to the annals of improbable-looking clouds. (Previously: epic thunderstorm cloud.) As the story traveling around the 'net goes, residents of Haarlem, Netherlands, woke up on Aug. 16 to find themselves in the shadow of this tremendous mushroom cloud. Should the peaceful citizens of Holland be concerned that fallout is falling into their breakfast muesli? And who would want to bomb the Dutch, anyway?

Here are the pictures, for you Photoshop snoops out there:

There's also video of this cloud, which is a little harder to digitally alter, so I'm inclined to think this is real. In fact, mushroom-shaped clouds are not that out of place in the atmosphere. This fella is probably an extremely stretched cumulonimbus influenced by an inversion.

Below is another angle on the mushroom. A similarly shaped cloud appeared in Boise, Idaho, earlier this month. Also, there's this nightmare-inspiring-but-harmless mushroom cloud in Oslo, Norway. No need to panic... yet!