More videos of the Dallas area tornadoes

I just wanted to throw in a few more videos that have come in on youtube from yesterday's severe weather. Remember this is severe weather season not only in the plains but also{ }here in D.C.{ }so be sure to have a plan. These tornadoes occurred while people were at work and school and the same can happen in the D.C. area. Get together with your family or even your friends and discuss what you would each do in a situation like this if it were to happen.

On another note, please do not go out filming if you're in the path of a tornado. The D.C. area isn't like the plains where you can see for miles. With tall trees and other things obstructing your view of the sky, it may be too late to take shelter if a tornado suddenly emerges in your vicinity. We will do our best to alert you of potential severe weather days so please do your best to listen for watches and warnings on those days. A NOAA weather radio wouldn't hurt either!

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Now, on to the videos!

Here's the Lancaster tornado from another perspective:

Check out the storm survey of this tornado. Preliminary EF-2 with the potential for 130mph winds.

Here is the tornado from Arlington, TX that started in Kennedale, TX:

The preliminary storm survey of this tornado has it as at least EF-2 damage with winds up to 130 mph.

Here is the Forney, TX tornado:

This tornado has a preliminary rating of EF-3 with winds of 150 mph.