More unseasonable warmth as March Madness continues

This Afternoon: Drizzle & Fog, Then Turning Partly Sunny, Mild

Highs: 65-70 | Wind: SE 5-10

Tonight: Increasing Clouds, Areas of Fog

Lows: 47-55 | Wind: SE 5-10

Monday: AM Fog, Mostly Cloudy, T-Storm Poss.

Highs: 68-73 | Wind: S 5-10

After a week with March masquerading as May, the deception continues today and into next week.{ } And while we won't be hitting 80 as consistently, highs in the low to mid 70s will still be far above the seasonal average of 57.{ } A persistent southerly flow around an offshore high pressure system will keep us warmer and more humid than is typical for mid-March.{ } With a stalled back door front stalled just to our west, an easterly flow will keep us fogged-in for a time today before some sunshine breaks through; look for highs in the upper 60s with cooler readings closer to the Bay.{ } There could be some showers in the mountainous regions to the west, but onoy some drizzle is expected{ }in the immediate DC area.{ } Increasing clouds and areas of fog will again develop overnight.{ } Monday should be mostly cloudy, but warmer with highs in the lower 70s.{ } There is a chance of thunderstorms developing on Monday afternoon.

NOTE: March madness, weather-style, is reflected in the 10-degree above normal average temperature for the month.{ } With three 80-degree days already and just three days below normal, this{ }March -{ }and March{ }can often be a { }"month for all seasons" - { }has remained{ }firmly fixed{ }on summer!{ } Enjoy your Sunday.