Monster hail in Woodward, OK yesterday (Video)

Alright, this is just me but I'm not sure who would be walking down the street in a thunderstorm. Now add baseball size hail to the mix and you wouldn't see me outside until 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder. Check out this video, the guy walking down the street, and the deer bolting out of the woods as it dodges the giant hailstones.

Here's another look at the giant hail:

Storm reports showed softball to even grapefruit size hail. Imagine hailstones with a diameter of 4 inches to 4.25 inches. These stones could be falling at 100 mph and actually have reported a few deaths{ }in history.

If you want a good idea of how hail forms along with other interesting facts, check out the National Severe Storms Laboratory's page on hail basics. if you want one more "fun video" showing some crazy hail, check out this one from Oklahoma City in May of 2010. I almost forgot about this one!

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